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Group Drop In Classes


Our group classes offered daily all year round! 

Our classes are suitable for both Boys and Girls of all skill levels from ages 9-14. Upon arrival our coaches will separate players based on Skill and Age.


Daily Class layout:
-Warm up/ Conditioning
-Skills Development/ Live Drills


Every class is different. Each day has a specific focus, but other fundamentals are also taught. Class skill focus may change from time to time, but there is no specific time frame.


**NOTE: These classes are not specific to grade levels. We may mix all ages at times as long as they are close in skill level for the skills development portion of the hour, but the scrimmages will always be separated by age and size. For example: A middle School player may be in the same group with a 14 year old, but they won't scrimmage versus one another. Of course there are some exceptions like a bigger 8th grader.


We offer each class for $29 per hour, 5 for $85 or you can purchase 10 credits for only $149! For the more committed athlete who wants to train on a more regular basis we offer UNLIMITED CLASS Plans! 


Join us today and learn the core fundamentals of the game such as dribbling, shooting, defense, passing, basketball IQ and much more!

Choose Your Group Drop In Plan

Unlimited Plans are all 1 payment. (No more Installment plans)

  • Most Popular

    Monthly Unlimited Membership

    Unlimited Drop Ins, Unlimited Shooting Machine and 1 Private Workout!
    Valid for one month
    • Unlimited Drop Ins
    • Unlimited Dr Dish Shooting Machine
    • 1 Private Workout
  • Unlimited Drop Ins Plan

    Every month
    +$39.99 Plan Installation Fee
    Join any Drop In class all month long! Month to Month Cancel any time!
    • Single Drop In (1 Credit)

      1 Drop In or 1 Conditioning Class! (All Skills)
      • Good for Boys & Girls
      • All Skills Welcome
      • Good for Basketball Groups
      • Ages 9 and up!
    • Group Drop Ins (5 Credits)

      Good for all skill levels!
      • 5 Group Drop In Sessions
    • Group Drop Ins (10 Credits)

      10 Drop Ins and/ or Conditioning Classes!
      • Good for Boys & Girls
      • All Skill Levels Welcome
      • Good for Strength & Conditioning Classes
      • Good for Basketball Groups
      • Ages 9 and up!

    Looking to test your skills in one of our 3 on 3 leagues?


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