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Rental Options/ Memberships


Court Rental Options:

Hoop Rental: (1-3 Per Hoop rental)

Our hoop rentals are 500 square feet of space suitable for 1 to 3 players max. The space is good for a workout, recreational use, training, conditioning and competing in 1 on 1's. You can rent a hoop 7 days per week mornings and evenings. Both youth and adults are welcome to rent our hoops.

Half Court Rental: ( 1-10 players)

Our half court rentals are good for youth and adults looking to play pick up 3 on 3 and/ or 4 on 4's. You are able to play 5 on 5's as well. The rentals are also suitable for teams, schools and trainers/ coaches looking to give their players/ students extra gym time.


The space is about 2,600 square feet.

Full Facility Rentals:

Rent our entire 5,000 square feet facility and enjoy the half court, 4 individual hoop stations and also our basketball shooting machine. This rental is good for sport banquets, families, recreational use, photo shoots, team practices and so many other possibilities. You may also use our music speaker treadmills, weights and basketball equipment!

Shooting Machine Rentals:

Take your basketball game to the next level with our Shooting Machine rental service, available for 30-minute or 1- hour sessions at It’s Possible Basketball LLC. With the ability to take 500-1,000 shots per session, our shooting machine is the perfect way to get in some cardio while honing your jumpshot. 

The shooting machine also rebounds and passes, helping to correct your shooting form and make you a better shooter. Elevate your game today with It’s Possible Basketball LLC!


This service is good for adults and youth participants.


This shooting machine can be adjusted to different speeds, and height of the net to accommodate all ages and skill levels.


1 on 1 Training

w/ Pedro

Register today!


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