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Instructional 6 Weeks Program

Our Instructional programs are are good for players of all skill levels. During each class the players will learn the core fundamentals of basketball such as passing, shooting, dribbling, defense and moving without the ball. We will also work on Basketball IQ to improve the participants understanding of the game.

Each class will also work on footwork and agility while also playing fun games like dribble knockout, flag tag and much more!

We like to end each class with scrimmages follwed by a compliment session which helps the participant with public speaking and overall confidence.

Players should wear proper basketball shoes, shorts or sweats and a t shirt. Each individual must bring a basketball size 27.5 for ages 3-6, and ages 7-12 should use a 28.5 size ball. Boys 13 and up size 29.5 and girls 13 and up size 28.5. 

If you have any other questions please email us at or call/ text 401.329.9949

Let us do all the work. You can take the credit!

Birthday parties at It's Possible Basketball are memorable! We take all the stress of decorating and hosting activities for the kids so that you can enjoy your child's big day with them!

All birthday parties are led by Coach Pedro and Staff. We decorate the party for you, host the games, clean up at the end and we even add a FREE DROP IN class for each participant.

Our Dr Dish Shooting Machine is also included in the package!

Our parties are normally 2 hours long, but you have the option to add additional hours for only $65 more per hour!



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