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Updated: Jun 17, 2021

In order to properly move and control their body, players must follow the key steps listed below to have a well balanced athletic stance.


The players head is key to having good balance, and should be positioned over the support base. The head should be slightly behind the knees and over the waist with the back straight. The arms and hands should always be above the waist and close to the body with the elbows flexed.


The players feet should be at least shoulder width apart with the weight evenly distributed on the balls of the feet.


A staggered stance and a parallel stance, are two types of stances a player must learn in order to be more effective with or without the basketball. The staggered stance is when the instep of the lead foot is horizontal to the toe of the other foot. Staggered stance is essential, so that players can move quickly in any direction. The parallel stance is where both feet are parallel to one another, and is ideal for jump stopping with, or without the ball.


Players, Coaches! Remember to bend at the knees, and get low instead of bending forward at the waist. Players will always have better balance if they are low with their feet shoulder width apart, and in an attack ready position. Wether receiving a pass, making a cut to the basket, shooting the basketball and etc. Proper athletic stance will help players achieve more success, and it will give the player an advantage versus the opponent. Players And Coaches Keep in mind that you will be more serviceable to your team, if you are ready before receiving the basketball. This will keep the defense honest and help keep pressure off the ball.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jun 12, 2021

The correct way, that’s what the scouts and the coaches are looking for, develop basketball IQ, It’s Possible. Have a great day

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